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The Platypus is stranger than you think.

Platypuses have no nipples.  After the young hatch, the mother oozes milk from the pores all over her body.

The male platypus has a poison barb on the inside of its hind legs.  The purpose of this weapon is uncertain.

While often compared to the beaver, the platypus is only about 20 inches in length -- more comparable to the size of the muskrat.

The Platypus bill is actually just an elongated muzzle covered with much the same kind of tough skin found on a dog's nose.  This bill contains an electrically-sensitive organ that can detect the electrical signatures of the small aquatic animals it eats.

Author Topic: Cancer Cure  (Read 2035 times)

Offline helpmeob1

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Cancer Cure
« on: January 10, 2007, 10:18:50 PM »
Do you have cancer and has your doctor sent you home to die?

We ran this ad in IL and saved 77% of late stage cancer victims.  Some of these desperate people were given less than 48 hours to live.  One of the women we helped made medical history by being able to give birth at full term and being healed of terminal cancer without the use of traditional cancer treatments. 

The people that responded were not people who simply found a lump at an early stage.  The people we helped medical science had run its course and gave up on them.  I know this sounds really out there.  But I can explain more on a one on one basis.

God Bless

ireallywishihadthat (at)
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